Mini-comics and, you know, like that.


My next zine, coming later this year, is a little anthology called PRATFALL. Yes, from the BRILLIANT MIND (i.e. me) that brought you Tablegeddon last year, comes this collection of stories by cartoonists recalling true painful and/or humiliating accidents. From up top: yours truly, Rob Kirby, suffering from a kind of a freak accident during my less than halcyon days of waiting tables in “Stuck;” MariNaomi relates a cautionary tale of why maybe cartoonists should avoid bowling in “Bowling Blues;” Noah Van Sciver ably demonstrates why one should always Bend The Knees when lifting. Among the other amazing cartoonists who will be contributing their own tales: Tony Breed, Neil BrideauTessa Brunton, Cara Bean, Max Clotfelter, Kelly Froh, Gabrielle Gamboa, Becky Hawkins, Carrie McNinch, John Porcellino, Kenan Rubenstein, Aron Nels Steinkeand Jason ViolaFrom what I hear, a few of these stories are doozies! 


Esther McManus, ‘The Elder’, 2014, www.esthermcmanus.co.uk


Esther kindly gives us her first foray into a full graphic novel with this excellently produced, risographed publication. Printed with two colours on some pretty great coloured stocks that take us from night to day. And with a screen printed gate-fold cover, this is a immensely beautiful object.

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I’m super excited to announce a whole slew of books that Hic & Hoc will be publishing or distributing this year. Some new faces, some old faces, some dirty faces, some faces that are mostly clean but have one gross smudge and I’m not sure I know them well enough to say “Hey, wipe that off.” No…



Josh Bayer and Pat Aulisio’s Ditko/Lee fan-nonfiction


  buy it along with a bunch of other comics by amazing cartoonists to help support SAW in 2014!


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Space Face Comics printed this as a small mini comic last year. Saw someone selling this for more than it is worth and it kind of annoyed me, so I thought I’d put it online to read for free.


Ted Bolman’s Gosky Comics (1986).  Cover by Margot Insley.  Comic by Steve Willis.